Treelab, Your Operating System To Manage The Supply Chain

Treelab’s platform makes it easy to connect buyers and suppliers to meet your purchasing needs while centralizing all your data and processes in one place.

Supply Chain Made Easy

Value Added Services

Integration with global third-party auditing organizations to ensure compliance, seamless communication, reduces manual data input, financing options, logistics options, etc.

Connected Supplier Ecosystem

Access to a network of verified suppliers, ensuring product quality, on time delivery, etc. ultimately leading to customer satisfaction.

Central Source of Truth

One place for all your designs, samples, BOMS, production data, etc. so you have access right when your team needs it.

Find qualified suppliers based on your own criteria

Select the right supplier based on region, category, capability, size, MOQ, and etc. Treelab provides detailed supplier overviews with verified information to help you choose the best fit for your business.

Request and compare all quotations

Optimize decision-making based on product cost, sample/production lead time, vendor performance, etc. The systems provide you information from multiple suppliers to ensure your needs are met.

Track production milestones

Track all your orders from development to delivery with actionable notifications and tasks across all important milestones.

Collaboration with suppliers

Seamless communication with buyers and suppliers in the platform with the 'chat' feature built into the system.

Integrate with tools your team is comfortable with

Integration with your existing systems (Shopify, Quick Books, WMS, etc. ) for a seamless experience.

Value Added Services

Quality Assurance

Connect with global third-party organizations to audit finished products, etc. to ensure they meet global compliance standards.

Factory Audit

Connect with global third-party organizations to audit manufacturing facilities to ensure product capability to ensure they meet global compliance standards.

Finance Vehicle

Seamless integration with third-party financial organizations for secure payment and financing options.


Seamless integration with third-party freight forwarders who offer competitive freight rates, real time visibility/alerts of your order to ensure on-time delivery.

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