Treelab Sourcing Platform will be offline starting July 13th 12am PST, 2024. If you wish to retrieve your data from Treelab Sourcing Platform, please email us at before August 15th, 2024. If you wish to learn more about our new product, please click here to leave your information, and we'll contact you.
Treelab simplifies sourcing so you can focus on building your brand
Our Mission
To make global sourcing more accessible to everyone.
Our Vision
To help brands succeed in the digital economy by improving their sourcing operations.
About Treelab
In today's retail landscape, sourcing suppliers poses complex challenges for brands, from initial discovery to ongoing collaboration.

Emerging brands frequently encounter difficulties in locating suitable suppliers, relying on traditional methods that may not access high-quality manufacturers. Constrained resources and low order volumes exacerbate the issue, leading to cost fluctuations, delays, and compromises in product quality.

Treelab addresses these issues by building a platform that connects brands with accredited global factories and streamlines the sourcing process in a single, user-friendly digital platform. Dedicated to empowering businesses of all sizes to succeed in the digital economy, Treelab seeks to revolutionize trade and supply chain management, fostering a more interconnected and dynamic global marketplace.
Our Product and Service
Our digital platform offers seamless end-to-end visibility, enabling easy tracking, management, and automation from sourcing to order delivery. Enhance productivity and streamline operations with intuitive tools and seamless integration throughout the supply chain
Global Supplier Network
Treelab seamlessly connects buyers with verified factories across the globe. With low minimum order quantities, our platform minimizes the risk of excess inventory, ensuring efficient production cycles and optimized supply chain management for your business
Digital Dashboard
Treelab consolidates your sourcing data with a rich interactive dashboard that offers comprehensive insights and analytics, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your procurement strategies efficiently
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Treelab has been a huge benefit to our team at Richardson. The customer experience and product that I receive each season is top notch with a level of detail that is far beyond what I expect. Everytime I submit a new style, there is a clear understanding of pricing and timelines which help with the production and development each season. Would highly recommend Treelab for any import program that you are considering and using the resources at hand to make your designs come to life.
Jordon Hunnell
Richardson Supply Chain Manager
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